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One of the finest ongoing investigations for hemochromatosis patients is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center (CC). Any confirmed C282Y/C282Y or C282Y/H63D adult (18 years old) living near Bethesda, Maryland can contact the center and inquire about enrollment.

Treatment of Hemochromatosis (ClinicalTrials.gov ID NCT00007150)

Although the majority of persons with HH meet eligibility criteria for allogeneic blood donation, until recently regulatory guidelines restricted the use of therapeutically withdrawn blood for transfusion. New regulations now permit increased flexibility in the use of such units for this purpose. The purposes of this protocol are: (1) to prospectively study the genotypic and phenotypic response to phlebotomy therapy in HH patients using the MCV/hemoglobin monitoring guide, and to validate the use of this guide in a large study cohort; (2) to evaluate the course of severe hepatic disease and rheumatologic symptoms following sustained iron depletion; and (3) to establish the safety and efficacy and document the operational issues inherent in a program to collect therapeutically withdrawn blood for use in allogeneic transfusion. These goals have as their combined target the establishment of the simplest, safest system for donor processing, phlebotomy management, and transfusion of blood drawn from HH subjects.

For enrollment of more information contact Hemaxi N Patel, R.N.

Phone Number: (301) 496-9702

Email: patelhn@mail.nih.gov




Gerry Koenig’s Story required 2 liver transplants due to misdiagnosis.

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